Kyle Mills (he, him, his) has been working as a prevention coordinator at Crescent Care since 2017. He’s been working in The Movement program where he’s fully here for the community. He doses sexual health testing/consoling, help plan/coordinate community events, peer support, help create a environment for gay/queer Black and brown people to feel safe and be the best selves. Kyle has been a volunteer of the Movement program for 3-4 years before actually working for it. And have done several team trainings to help serve the community he works for. Kyle interests include sexual and mental health, body positively, all things nerd like gaming and comics, teaching and performing pole dancing (yeah you heard right). Kyle is your new best friend in your head. He is here at The Movement always ready for you to pop up for whatever you need. Just to hang out and talk or quickly run a test. He is always looking for new people to join the group to help The Movement be great and to help serve the community more as these times are forever changing.